What’s the Perfect Gift?


We’re all busy this time of year we trying to decide on the perfect gifts to give everyone on our list. Whether shopping online or in the stores, we often spend hours looking for that perfect gift and then wrapping it beautifully. We hope they will like and appreciate it.

This year, think outside the box. Instead of things, find gifts that will build memories, and bring joy, and a smile to faces for years to come. What experiences can you give? Concert tickets, trips to gardens, visits to an art gallery–books and music can bring pleasure for years. Are there workshops or classes they would enjoy? Instead of stuff to show, most people would rather have stories to tell.

The Gift I Gave Myself

When I turned 70, I decided if I was ever going to accomplish some of the things on my bucket list, now was the time because time was running out.

One of the major items I wanted to achieve was to walk the Boudica Way and visit Scotland.

I had not traveled alone internationally for over 20 years. The prospect was daunting. Would I be able to manage? I would never know if I didn’t try. Plane ticket bought, hotel reservations made and butterflies in my stomach. Fortunately, I had I friend who wanted to do part of the trip with me. We were meeting up for the second week of the trip, which helped alleviate some of the trepidation.

The trip was all I’d hoped it would be and more. Yes, I had to run to catch a connection, but I am grateful I was able to run. Everything went smoothly. I fell in love with Scotland. The B&B in Edinburgh was so beautiful, it made the trip delightful. Roaming the cobblestone streets, I felt as if I had stepped back in time.

I soon learned to navigate the trains and buses, and find my way around the train stations. I arrived in London to meet up with Jen. The first evening there, we were fortunate to attend Evensong at Westminster Cathedral. (For some reason the Beatles song kept running through my head.)

Standing in front of the Boudica statue was moving. I’d been looking at the picture of it for years. The next day we hopped on the train to Norwich to start the Boudica Way. We both loved Norwich–the beautiful cathedrals and history. (The hospital that is still in use was built in 1771.)

It was an amazing experience. It’s so easy to get in our comfort zone and not challenge ourselves as we get older. The greatest gift I gave myself from taking a risk and facing my fears was renewed self-confidence. I can’t wait for the next trip



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