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The greatest battle in front of you is aging . . . the misconceptions foisted on you. Age is a prejudice that has become so firmly anchored in your mind that any specific number years mentioned evokes a precise image in the brain.

– Charles Haanel

The older I get, the more accurate I realize this quote is. Not only are the physical and mental changes of aging challenging, but the greatest challenge is the attitudes and misconceptions towards older adults. 

Not accepting that it was inevitable that I would fall apart as I age, I made the decision to take charge and change how I age.

Building a strong body in my 50’s gave me the self-confidence to become a personal trainer specializing in Senior Functional Fitness. Seeing the great need to deliver that message to a greater audience, I became a motivational speaker and author. To follow that dream I moved from the mid-west to the Central Coast of California. 

It is my desire to motivate, educate and inspire. My powerful presentations will introduce the audience to the benefits of renewing their passion, pursuing their purpose and embrace their power at any age.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion to write. Years went by putting this dream on the back burner. After working as a personal trainer, the next step was to reach a larger audience with this message of hope utilizing my passion of writing and speaking to pursue my purpose which was to use my knowledge to encourage women to live a full and vibrant life at any age.My books “F*ck Old Age” and “Tips to Embrace Aging” are available on Amazon.

I am available for workshops and presentations in person or virtually. Contact me for more information.

I now enjoy the power to embrace life at every age, encourage other women to do the same and realize that “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”. George Eliot.