What’s Your Why?

Transformation the Warrior Way has been my tagline ever since I started my website. Recently I was asked what that meant to me. It made me stop and reflect after all this time, what it means to me today.

Boudica, Warrior Queen, inspired me to emphasize strength and independence. To step out of the status quo and forge your own path.

As I thought about it, I realized that to succeed, you need to know your “why”. Boudica’s compelling “why” was to free her people from the tyranny of the Romans. My why for starting my business and writing the books I’ve written, was to free women from the tyranny of the diet industry and the misinformation that is so prevalent regarding aging.

No matter what your goal is or what you want to achieve, you will not succeed until you identify your “why”. It’s imperative that it is your why. Not what you think you should do, what is good for you, or what anyone else thinks, your why has to be personal, fueled by passion. Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, ask yourself why it is important to you. Once you know your “why”, and back it up with passion, success is inevitable.

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