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The streets of San Francisco make working out easy.  Visiting my daughter last week made me realize that where we live can have a huge impact on our fitness level.

A few month ago I bought the BodyMedia Fitness Tracker.  It has been a great tool.  Researching the different trackers available, I opted for the BodyMedia because it is the most scientifically accurate one on the market.  When I first started wearing it, I was shocked at how few calories I actually used even working out and making an effort to be active.  Unfortunately

, I live in a city that is not pedestrian friendly and jumping in the car to run errands has become a habit.

Wearing my BodyMedia in San Francisco, I was amazed at how many more calories I burned just going around the city.  I wasn’t trying to workout but walking everywhere I went, up and down the hilly streets, on and off the train, using the stairs at the Muni and staying in Mandy’s third floor walkup made it easy.

If, like me, you live in a “car city”, getting enough activity takes a concerted effort.

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