7 Symptoms of a Diet-aholic


Are you addicted to diets?  Are you always looking for the next “miracle”?  Here are 7 symptoms that you may be a diet-aholic.

1.  You find yourself turning on Dr. Oz or other shows whenever the latest diet is featured or the newest diet/fitness guru is the guest.

2.  You pick up the magazines at the checkout that feature “lose weight fast” articles.

3.  Your bookshelf if overflowing with a collection of diet books–most of which have never been used because there is always a new once coming out.

4.  When you go on amazon.com it defaults to the diet section.

5.  You have a collection of supplements on the shelf promising to “melt fat”.  (If you could really “melt” fat


, it seems like we’d all be standing in a puddle of melted lard.)

6.  You know all the lingo–no fat, low-fat, no carb, low carb.  high protein, glutton free and have tried most.

7.  You find yourself gravitating to items on the grocery store shelf with the “diet” on the label.  ( I recently saw “Diet Water”.  Since regular water has so many calories.)

Coming soon–7 Strategies for Overcoming being a Diet-aholicism


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