The Diet in Shining Armor


“Maybe he’s the one!  Maybe he will be my knight in shining armor who will make my life wonderful.”  Virtually every woman who grew up on fairy tales has sought their knight in shining armor only to find when they think they’ve found the one, that their knight turns out to be a normal man with dents and dings in his armor.

If you listen in to women talking about the latest diet or fitness craze, it sounds pretty familiar.

“This one really worked for my friend.  She lost 30 pounds, but she gained back the weight because she didn’t do it right.”

“Maybe this new supplement will finally help me melt off my fat.  After all that is what they promised on TV.”

“If I don’t eat carbs

, that’s the secret.”

“All I have to do is drink this concoction and I will finally lose weight.”

“This one’s great– they promise no exercise needed!”

“This doctor promises weight loss using a gadget that melts off the fat.”

“If I just have the surgery, I won’t have to worry about my weight ever again!”

“If I buy this diet food, it will be easy to lose weight.”

“This insane workout plan is all I need to do.”

You would think we would have learned by now that there are no “diets in shining armor” or magical weight loss plans or supplements, no matter what is promised by the latest diet guru or even if you heard it on Dr. Oz.  A healthy balanced diet  and staying active is not very romantic and it doesn’t put a lot of money into the diet industry coffers.  

Most of us stopped believing in the knight in shining armor and fairy tales when we grew up.   I think it’s time we grow up and take responsibility for our own weight loss and fitness.  Stop looking for the “diet in shining armor” that makes unrealistic promises.    It’s just another fairy tale.

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  1. Joan Maiden says:

    Very true. But the cool thing is that with the right strength training program, new muscle can be built at any age. I’ve worked with clients up to the age of 92 and the change can be amazing.

  2. Bingo says:

    You most likely currently understand that it’s important to consume adequate water, a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is recommended, you should aim for more if it is truly hot, or you are working out and sweating a great deal, achieving sufficient water in your physical body will certainly stop you from being dehydrated.

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