Why MPower Coaching?


Everybody is different and every body is different. Your Mpower Coaching program will be custom designed to meet your individual needs to help you achieve your personal goals and live and think like a warrior.  MPower Coaching will provide the care and motivation you need to succeed.

Transformation–The Warrior Way

The Warrior Way will:

  • give you accurate information
  • design a personalized plan for you
  • be the support you need
  • hold you accountable
  • help you overcome the barriers that may have stood in your way of success in the past
  • teach you that food is not your enemy but should be associated with strength, health, joy and celebration.-
  • find the perfect workout plan for you–one you will enjoy and do for life

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Your Warrior Way Program will include:


  • Fitness assessment to create a baseline from which to measure progress
  • Optional Fitness/nutrition tracker (additional $100.00)
  • Warrior Web fitness program designed specifically for you
  • Weekly 30-45 minute phone/internet coaching session to provide individual help and motivation
  • Opportunity to email your questions and concerns to your coach
  • Healthy Lifestyle Behavior strategies
  • Optional support group
  • Optional personal training session in Chicago area (at additional cost)

The outcome of your Warrior Way Program will be:

  • The ability to take charge and change how you age
  • Renewed fitness and strength
  • The ability to function better
  • Enjoy eating real food again
  • Weight loss
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • Increased energy
  • Greater self-confidence and independence

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You will begin and finish your journey at your own pace with a personal coach who takes into account your level of motivation, your personal exercise experience and your personal preferences. Choose your coaching style– attend class the way you want–enjoy the MPower coaching experience!

You will meet with your coach via phone, internet or in person.   You can also communicate via email when you have questions between coaching sessions.


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There is strength in numbers!

Coach with a friend or group or bring the Warrior Way to work for significant savings.

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