Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Warrior?

A warrior is a woman who:
never loses sight of the ultimate goal and victory;
right here, right now—is totally committed to overcoming the obstacles in front of her;
is confident in her abilities but knows when she needs to ask for help;
understands she can’t be victorious in isolation;
knows her identity, passion and purpose;
does not accept defeat without a fight, and
knows her potential and capabilities.

What is the Warrior Way™?

The Warrior Way ™ is about discovering how to move through life as a Warrior--by evolving naturally. You do not have to accept disease and disability as a natural part of the aging process. Overcoming the limitations of being unfit, weak and out of shape can dramatically change your life for the better. Finding an exercise and nutrition plan you enjoy, will do and that will give you the results you want, whether it’s having more energy, better mobility and looking great, the Warrior Way™ will get you there.

Building physical strength can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your full potential. The dictionary defines potential as “what you are capable of being, but is not yet in existence. Capacity for growth, development or coming into being.” If your body isn’t healthy and strong, you will never realize your capabilities or potential. Building physical strength is the first step to becoming a warrior.

If you already have healthy eating habits or do not feel ready to deal with nutrition just yet, but want to learn to become more active, stronger and more fit, the Warrior Way™ is for you.

The Warrior Way™ is a personalized fitness plan based on your personal needs, abilities and personality. Your personalized plan will be emailed to you along with detailed instructions and/or videos that you can print or download to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Your coach will be available to answer your questions either during your weekly coaching session or via phone or internet.

What is the Warrior Table™?

To build strength, you need to give your body the necessary resources. MPower brings you the WARRIOR TABLE™. The WARRIOR TABLE™ is not a diet but a different way to think about food. It’s time to let go of the diet mentality and deprivation--enjoy food again--without guilt.

You will not diet at The Warrior Table. The WARRIOR TABLE™ is a place to learn that food should be associated with joy and strength, and that all food can be enjoyed in moderation without guilt.

You need wholesome, real, FOOD for your journey toward a leaner, more energetic body and better health! You do not need the traditional, restrictive, joyless diet that you will not be able to continue for the rest of your life.

You will learn that the foods you eat are not simply sources of calories and fat. Instead, you will learn to think of your food as an ally and a source of strength and fuel for your personal journey. The WARRIOR TABLE™ system for choosing your favorite foods is a freeing style of eating due to its focus on gradual behavior change. In this step-by-step journey to better eating habits, you will gradually think differently about nutrition, experience new foods, and learn to create personal menus that appeal to your taste and your lifestyle.

The simple menu guides and motivating lessons will help you enjoy and celebrate your food as a powerful, personal weapon in your war against excess weight and towards a healthier more energetic life.

You can choose to take part in weekly WARRIOR TABLE™ sessions through a webinar, teleclass or in person while enjoying the benefits of the MPower Support Network™.

The Warrior Table™ was developed by NUTRIMENT, LLC. It was founded on the collective evidence from our country’s most credible research organizations and is approved by a panel of registered dietitians. (See resources)

Who Needs MPower Custom Coaching?

If you are not sure what the first step is that you should take, MPower Custom Coaching is perfect place to start. Your coach can help guide to the right path for you-- the plan that meets your lifestyle and level of motivation.

If you need someone to inspire you, motivate you and hold you accountable, MPower Custom Coaching is for you.

If you have reached your goals and need help to keep from slipping back into old habits, an MPower Custom Coaching Program will meet those needs.

Is the MPower Total Transformation Program for me?

If you are ready to start eating better, adopt an exercise plan that fits you and your lifestyle, and gain the support and direction from coaching, you will want to begin the Total Transformation Program. All three of MPower’s services are combined to help you change your lifestyle in a results-oriented manner.

How will I meet with my coach?

You will meet with your coach via phone, internet or in person once per week and have the opportunity to email your questions or concerns to your coach, as well as enjoy our MPower Support Network™. Each session is 30-45 minutes in length.

What is fitness/healthy lifestyle coaching?

Coaching is quickly becoming a leading tool to help enhance life and help you lead an extraordinary healthy life. At times, we all need an outside perspective in order to have long term success. Coaching helps you find ways to set and reach goals in order to make changes in your life and solve the problems that may be preventing your success. Your coach will help you find the best path forward, for the solutions you need.

What will my coach do?

Your coach will be your partner—it’s an equal relationship.

Your coach will help you reach goals and dreams in a way you couldn’t do alone.

Your coach will:

  • Ask you to do more than you have probably done on your own,
  • Help you to better focus in order to produce results more quickly,
  • Help you gain motivation to make changes,
  • Help you stay focused on your goals,
  • Set up a program for you (exercise, weight loss, etc)
  • Educate you and guide you to other helpful resources and provide you with tools, structure and support,
  • Help you maintain momentum through challenging times and be the person to pick you up after a setback,
  • And be the person to hold you accountable.

Your coach is always on your side and committed to your success.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching typically costs about the same as a personal training session. Your coach will help you find a program that will meet your needs within your budget.

Will my coach be available if I have questions or challenges?

Your coach will be available to answer questions by email throughout the week.

Why aren't there before and after pictures on the website?

We encourage you to take before and after pictures to monitor your progress, but comparing your progress to someone else can be self defeating. Everyone has a different body type and genetics, so progress and results will never be the same. Our goal is to help you be the best YOU.